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Carbon monoxide poisoning claims up to 4,000 lives in the U.S every year & about 10,000 people are made ill as a result of lower level of exposure to carbon monoxide.


We offer all 3 Levels of chimney cleaning.
Chimney Sweep helps prevent Creosote buildup and reduces the possibility of a chimney fire which might lead to a house fire.


Repair & Resurface Interior Fireplace & Exterior Structure.
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Common phrases and description:

Firebox: Fireplace interior walls. Include the visible area of the fireplace inside the house. Firebox can be manufacture out of brick or fabricated (brick design on a metal or ceramic wall panels).

Flue: the chimney structure. The flue will vent smoke rising from the fireplace to the exterior. Flue build up is the most common reason for chimney fires which can easily transform into a house fire.A metal duct connecting the firebox with the chimney cap at the top of

Damper: Manual flop installed on a metal plate at the top part of the firebox. The flop can be use to open and close the flue allowing air flow in & out of the house. The flop is usually left open unless the fireplace is off and than it can be closed in order to prevent cold air from entering the house.

Chimney cap: The chimney cap is installed on the top of the flue at the top of the exterior chimney structure, it prevents rain water from accessing the flue and fireplace which can cause water damage to the house and corrosion to the metal parts of the chimney, there are custom chimney caps which are usually rectangular and covering the whole chimney structure top, basic chimney caps will usually be round or square in shape and will only cover the flue top.

Creosote: A product of burning wood and coal, the creosote buildup in the chimney is the main cause of chimney fires. This build up might ignite when the fire is burning in your fireplace, it might go undetected from inside the house but it might also cause a full blown house fire. You might have a fire in your chimney and not be aware of it until its too late. Atlanta chimney cleaning offers annual chimney cleaning also known as chimney sweep which will remove the dangerous levels of creosote buildup in the chimney.

Chimney cap screen: This screen will prevent birds from nesting in the flue, squirrels from falling in to the fireplace, and other rodents from gaining access.(Warning-might delay Santa clause from accessing your house). Atlanta chimney cleaning offers installation of screens on you existing chimney caps.

Wood burning stove: Stand alone metal stove with its own flue or Metal insert installed inside the fireplace and uses the existing chimney flue. It used to burns wood logs. Cleaning process is usually more intense and requires extra time.